“We makeA Different Kind of Bed”


Hand Made Beds, Designed for you

I cater for all kinds of beds from single, double, king -super king, bunk beds to bespoke fitted beds.

Working either with the client to a specific brief or through my own vision , taking into account the space in which the sleeping configuration is going into. Much like my tables, the beds will replicate the nature of the material being used. The main aspect for me in bed design is making the piece as solid and sturdy as can possibly be..

What We Use

Live Edge Slab

With this material ,predominantly you have your head board ,sides and footboard , the effect of all these sides working together in this material makes for a unique and ultimately satisfying sleeping experience aswell as one hell of a good looking bed !

Reclaimed Timber

What’s great about this material in bed design is it’s function and orientation. Also when darkened down say with a coloured natural stain , makes for a much more immersive interesting looking bed.

Other Projects

Cartmellfurniture doesn’t just stop at making tables and beds , if there is something which you require made for example :Tv unit | Feature wall | Bed side cabinets | Side tables | Shelving | Mantles | Whatever it maybe let me know , all kinds of furniture catered for you at Cartmellfurniture.

Wood Types


Without doubt the cream of the crop , the most luxurious of all woods in my honest opinion , think of your favourite tasting looking chocolate bar , well this is it in wood form


for me this is my goto wood , Oak has everything you could ask for and more , what I like most about this material is it’s wild nature of exploding pips to swirling grains.

It’s durable, and historical in that we have always used this strong material and that it is seen as representing us. Never had a saying been so true "Mighty oaks from little acorns grow"

Ash / Chestnut

Ash: It has beautiful swirly grain patterns and a creamy sheen when pale and ‘white’ but when given a natural coloured stain , it takes on a whole new dimension.

Chestnut: If you like oak then you’ll love sweet chestnut, and believe me this wood type is gorgeous. The colour is creamier than Oak, with some contrasting brown streaks, the grain is fairly coarse and again has similar Rhythms to oak